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Build or Buy
3 Pillars
Content Strategy
Content Strategy & Creative Design
My approach is built on transparency and sharing insight to learn or serve as a reminder about a wide range of topics.  If you’re unclear about a specific area in your project, head to the First Steps page.  If you know what you want, go over these principles to understand how I work, then view Services and Pricing to get started.
Build or Buy
3rd Party vs From Scratch
I want to express how important this topic is.  It’s been my experience, this is the first phase to outline.  Not just a thought, it needs undivided attention and focus at the very beginning. As a project becomes more than an idea, initial costs need allocation and this segment is far and away the most expensive cost in any venture.

Incorporate a 3rd party software solution - or - build one from scratch?

Which should you do? Depending on the requirements or desired features, there’s an option available. I don’t code by hand, my expertise is integrating software solutions. We'll discuss this first.

Applications & FUNCTIONALITY
For sure, this is main building block to any project.  As a business owner, neglecting this segment often means a spiraling out of control budget. Depending on the project requirements, I generally begin with an assessment of your connectivity. Current and planned applications, on site or remote platforms and the path of least resistance for visitors to purchase. That's the pipeline of your Connectivity.

These are the most common integrations I've implemented.

Digital storage
3 Pillars
3 pillars For Every Project
Decrease Workflow
You may desire a lighter workload, but all companies want to gain more customers along the way. As a design or project manager in your venture, I couldn’t actually do this, since I don’t make a sell. However, I can help ensure you or your staff can? My value on this pillar is to create descriptions, sales content and a value proposition by laying the groundwork before communicating with a customer. Differentiation inside content outlines why a customer should choose you over the competition.

Generate Additional Revenue
Every entrepreneur should be comfortable with stepping outside the box.  Getting stuck in tradition is the biggest hindrance towards revenue growth. There’s no magic; a real breakout requires focus on the Ecosystem of your technology. In my experience, more revenue tends to match your system's efficiency.

Increase Customer Base
Let’s just be honest, we all want to make more money doing less work.  And that’s exactly what my design philosophy is all about. Together we share information about project objectives, but ultimately, I feel clients pay me to decrease the amount of legwork it takes to: attract, acquire and receive payment from a customer. The primary method I use in application integration, platform connectivity and promotional delivery is to minimize your workflow. This is accomplished by analyzing efficiency throughout the purchasing process for customers.

Content Copy Importance
Content Copy is the most challenging and exhaustive phase of any project. It requires deep thought, details and a fair amount of data gathering. Yet, it can be the most rewarding if executed properly.

Before you can physically start a venture, it's imperative to extract what’s in your head. Once you start writing, things will become clearer. Frequently, entrepreneurs find out what they thought - is not actually real. I’ll help you execute this process by giving you transparent guidelines and a simple format to guide you along this most difficult path. Content is the only way a customer will buy into your belief.  They need to visualize your words to see how a product can benefit them.

This phase can - make or break a project’s success.

Remember, the more questions a customer asks, the less they will buy. Content writing is the key to understanding what you offer.
Marketing & Advertising
When referring to this topic, the terms marketing and advertising are usually described together as if one in the same. Well, not exactly. It is true both cannot function without one another, except the definitions of each are completely different when it comes to execution and purpose. Here's an easier way of looking at it.
Marketing is the way to let customer know the value you have to offer; in the form of text and imagery.
Advertising is the vehicle to communicate this value.
To put it together, marketing is all the value you believe you can provide with a product. The marketing plan is a road map on how you plan on getting this information out. Advertising is simply the execution of that plan. To understand how you can apply these concepts convert them into logical pieces.
Marketing Components:
A company's image should be separated into individual parts such as, branding, segmentation, analysis or sales.
Advertising Components:
The placement of items such as; magazine, newspaper ads, television spots, billboards, postcards, direct mail, thumbnail ads.

In total, marketing is the belief you have about your project, the plan divides this into a course of action. Advertising is the output which furnishes data and feedback to disprove or validate your belief.  Once we begin working together, I will share guides that provide efficiency when creating your plans.
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