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Your First Steps

If you consistently start new projects, you may have experience creating an ‘Initial Phase’ plan.  If not, these are critical first steps before any dollars are spent and definitely before contacting a web developer. Whether a beginner, or seasoned entrepreneur it's hard to research effectively, while trying to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. To ease this lengthy process, I compiled the most important first step topics and created articles to share a broad perspective for some, while serving as a refresher for others. No matter the industry or state of your project, visiting these steps will provide clarity and ultimately save time and money before getting started.

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Initial Phase Plan
The Feasibility Test
Project Setup
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Project Motivation
To get started, project themselves are inherently time consuming, mentally challenging and more expensive than initially anticipated. This Initial Phase Plan is designed to help with common pitfalls that individuals experience. First, really think, and I mean you should really consider actual reasons for the whole thing.

Not much time is needed for this section, there are only a few reasons we build a new website, start a catering business, or any venture. I would suggest if your motivation doesn’t fit into these categories, then it may not be worth the time.
4 Motivating Factors
Generate more income
Solve a need for a community
Improve current business workflow
Personal core passion
I have found all projects ultimately revolve around these 4 key factors. Some may have other reasons to offer, and your situation might be slightly different; nonetheless, these tend to drive most ventures. Before you begin take some time to write down your true project motivation.

Time Management

You’ll need plenty of hours where you’re digesting content and thinking about the steps.  I would suggest you block out 2 days per week for thought and research.  No TV or phone, just sit quietly and think. This will give you brain time to start the creative process.  

As a professional athlete, this is common practice; visualize the moment beforehand gives better preparation. Spend a couple of hours on these days to mentally visualize the process.


Research, research, research the idea before spending a dime. Do plenty of searches on various competitors and view your idea from afar. Prepare to spend around 3 to 4 hours / 2 days per week - for at least 4 weeks total.
The Business Setup
Obviously, your project needs a name, however it's a lot harder than it seems. Before going to far, make sure the project has a meaningful name that can be remembered easily. Next the idea should have a business identity before you contact a designer, developer or strategist. Iron out these items prior to development and should be completed in order.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
Step 6:
Step 7:
Step 8:
Step 9:
P.O. Box
Business Type: Sole or Incorporate
State Incorporation Registration
EIN Number
Business Bank Account
Sales License
Phone Service
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