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A little about my background
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My Journey Began
as a graduate of Tulane University, where I truly learned how to balance the complexities of life. Maintaining a full basketball scholarship, while majoring in Computer Information Systems was indeed the first challenge. But one thing division I athletics teaches is commitment. At that level, it's simple; grind or go home. Along the way, we were ranked #6 in the nation, appeared in 2 NCAA tournaments, posted two 20+ win seasons and I receive the prestigious Chevrolet Player award my junior year.
Digging Deep
I was lucky enough to land my first professional contract. At that moment, { if then, null and Cobol } would have to wait. Yes, the commitment was real, I was airport bound. Admittedly there wasn’t much to debate.  I wanted to see if, the ideas in my head were real or not. I needed to know if I could compete at this level.  Was I a product of my environment, or did I just happen to land on a great college team? Yes it  was very intimidating.  And 10 years later…  I traveling to 24 countries, across 4 continents and receiving contracts in 12 professional leagues. US, Mexico, Indonesia, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Macedonia, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Korea and Iceland.  I had the answer.
a successful 10-year professional athletic career and valuable life changing experiences, I’m glad I chose that path. (Some mornings I'm not)  At any rate, the numerous cultures, coaches, GM’s and all the interviews were worth asking that ominous, elusive question we all have – can I compete at this level? Again, activating the mantra, I’ve continued my passion for technology and design.
The Tiny Little Spark
that was kindled in an overly cramped dorm room at Tulane, has now become a full-blown obsession. A new love has emerged. Well... actually, it’s not new at all, design has always been there, now the voice has my full attention. Following this passion, I will continue to use Strategic Consulting as the platform for service and expression.  Now there’s only one question left - Can I help you achieve a higher level of success? The ideas in my head says I can.